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Outside of work I love to compose music, mainly on electronic instruments, keyboards, drum machines, the more knobs the better. I was even a legit rockstar for a few years, lots of touring in a beat up van across the US and Europe. I even won a SF Weekly music award, in the lifestyle category whatever that means.

After that I did construction for quite a while. That really taught me a lot, I'm not talking about how to build a house more like what it's like to truly work hard and see the benefits of one's labors. To start out with nothing and end up with a home is a very good feeling. It really showed me that nothing is impossible you just need to break it down into the basic components, just like I see code now. If you can't build a house just the idea of building one seems quite intimidating, but once you know the language, it just breaks into just a lot of lumber, nails and sweat. Same basic idea as a website or app, all these tiny little commands all working together towards an end product. Another good thing about construction is it beat the annoying ego I had grown right out of me. Nobody cares how cool you used to be like a bunch of grumpy carpenters haha.

So what does all that have to do with tech? Be it music, construction or even homebrewing, whoops I didn't mention that earlier but I taught homebrewing for 5 years. They all are made of little tiny pieces forming a larger end product. All the little details giving life into a house, a song or a web experience. Code to me is becoming a form of expression, the better at it I get the better the ideas flow and the better the end result is. I'm pretty good now but in a year I'll be amazing.

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Front End Developer Skills

List that keeps on growing


2+ years of experience using HTML.


2+ years of experience using CSS.



1+ years using jQuery.



1+ years utilizing JavaScript.



1+ years of Bootstrap experience

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator

5+ years with Adobe Illustrator.


Adobe Photoshop

5+ years with Adobe Photoshop.



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TheServices I offer

Quality Websites

Websites that will make you say WOW! I make sure to put my best in all the websites I create so that they work when my clients need them the most! Please challenge me!

Up to Date

Web design is always reinventing itself with new languages all the time! It's not only a concern but a huge interest to keep in touch with the newest technology available.

Need a Video?

Websites more offten than not need video content I can create that content, with a amazing camera and full production knowedge. Your videos will rock!

Made with Love

I put my all into everthing I do from the very start! Using all the current web tools from Bootstrap to Js frameworks and APIs.

The works I am proud of

Here is some of the freelance work and projects coded for fun

CAE Sound

I coded and designed this site, I also get photo cred.

Ive been working with CAE for a while now. Working on his e-commerce site and creating short videos about what he does in the shop. its pretty cool stuff, mainly vintage music equipment repair.

cae sound

Firewood farms

needed a site that showcased both there as there name suggests firewood and more so there big tickets items, Reclaimed lumber and large wood slabs. Their favorite part of the site is the Instagram feed that automaticy displays on there site!


HTML5 drum machine

Choose from a few different drum kits,
apply effects and save rhythm patterns.

My wedding site

mobile first design,

Adventures in parallax scroll effects

Parallax and full screen photos coded just for the fun of it.

Need a javaScript clock?

click whats the time to find out...
Wait for it....

what time it is

Keep in Touch with me


If you want to work with me or just say "hey Billy, what's up?" for no reason what so ever, call me, email me, or fill out the contact form. Whichever method you feel more comfortable, will work for me. Look forward to speaking with you.

Billy Bates

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